A strong and prosperous America

Scott Pendleton will bring common-sense conservative leadership to Washington. He is committed to strong families and personal freedoms, security from threats abroad, expanding opportunities in a thriving economy, and diminishing divisions in society.

Following our nation's founding principles, Scott will fight for limited government and fiscal responsibility. He knows that being faithful to our Constitution enables a safe, prosperous, and united America.

A self-made businessman

Scott is a high-tech entrepreneur, providing custom software to businesses and manufacturers in eastern Oklahoma. His solutions have enabled his clients to thrive and add jobs.

During two decades in business, Scott has witnessed government overreach stifle opportunity and throw people out of work. He will oppose that in Congress.

An award-winning journalist

In a prior career, Scott reported in the U.S. and internationally on politics and industry. He remains deeply attuned to vital security and economic issues that concern our state and nation.

A community leader

Everyone has value and deserves respect. Scott first learned that at age 15 as a counselor at a day camp for disabled children. He has lived it since as a math tutor to at-risk high school students, as a Sunday School teacher to an autistic child, as a caregiver to the elderly, and as a business mentor to prison inmates preparing to re-enter society.

Scott is comfortable with everyone, cares about everyone. He eagerly listens to all voices.

On to Washington

In Congress, Scott will advance common-sense conservative policies that keep us safe and create opportunity for all.