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TPS Board, District 5, on Feb. 11

Let's Make Tulsa Public Schools America's Best District!


Scott Pendleton

for Tulsa Public School Board - Dist. 5
Vote Feb. 11, 2020 election

Just 28 percent? Why do they aim so low?
The recent news is alarming. Only 25% of TPS students in the third grade are proficient in reading and math. Worse, TPS had set a target of just 28%. Clearly, the Tulsa district needs new leaders – fast.
That's why the election on Feb. 11 is nothing less than a referendum on Tulsa’s future. Tulsa cannot thrive unless Tulsa Public Schools does.
Let’s do more than turn TPS around. Let’s transform TPS into America’s best school district, with conspicuous improvement at the outset.
I have the desire, energy, and vision to rally Tulsa behind this unprecedented but achievable goal. At TPS I will not be a “drive-by” Board Member. I plan to visit classes, observe assessment testing, and listen to any staff, parent or student.
Finding answers and making things work have been the hallmarks of my career and volunteer service. Read more about my background below.
I’m eager to take on the challenge of transforming TPS. Starting with our elementary schools, we will produce students who are not just proficient, but also prolific and prodigious readers. Sharp kids who are quick with numbers.
All 29,000 voters in TPS district 5 — cast your ballot! Don’t let frigid weather on Feb. 11 silence you. Request an absentee ballot today at Mark it, mail it, and enjoy the falling snow on election day.
On Feb. 11, Tulsa will choose its future. May I count on your vote?

An Education enthusiast

  • Former volunteer math tutor for at-risk high school students.
  • Counselor for two summers at a day camp for kids with cognitive disabilities.
  • Author of The Ultimate Guide to Student Contests (Walker & Co., NY).
  • Regular performer with his musical family on two TPS-produced TV shows for kids.
  • Host of after-school music instruction sessions held at Edison Prep.

An Award-winning journalist

  • BA, Journalism, Texas A&M University.
  • Correspondent based in Austin, Chicago, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Middle East editor at The Christian Science Monitor in Boston.
  • Gavel Award recipient for investigative reporting, presented in front of the Texas Supreme Court justices.

An IT entrepreneur

  • In business for himself since 1999 creating software. Here's a fun sample.
  • A longtime client began using this expression with his employees: "Just Pendleton it!"
    Meaning: "Give me a solution that's even better than the one I thought I wanted."
  • Proud record of creating custom, mission-critical software for businesses and manufacturers who employ hundreds of Oklahoma workers and export their products globally.

A Non-profit leader

As president of the historic Tulsa Spotlight Theatre...
  • Slashed operating expenses and straightened out financial accounting.
  • Overhauled organization governance; recruited capable community leaders for the board.
  • Restored the children's theatre to vibrancy.
  • Staged Tulsa's first bilingual musical children's play.
  • Arranged a special performance of the weekly melodrama for a hearing-impaired audience.
  • Obtained for the Spotlight a Governor's Arts Award recognizing lengthy community service.

A Husband, father, and church member

  • Married since 1984. We have with two grown children.
  • Rec league soccer and basketball coach.
  • Performed hundreds of times as the
  • superintendent and teacher.
  • For three years, taught an autistic pupil one on one.
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